About Carrs Coatings

Carrs Coatings was established in 2008 (formerly Carrs Paints, established 1892) and has a tradition of excellence in manufacturing and services. Customers and suppliers have trusted in Carrs experience, professionalism and competency to meet the diverse requirements of the paint and coatings industry in the UK and worldwide.

Our employees are long serving and they are proud of our heritage and focus on consistent, high quality services with on-time despatch to global markets.

The skill, experience and talent of our Carrs Manufacturing Services Team is our greatest asset, and ensures that your production receives dedicated attention and support.

Competing in today’s markets requires companies to be lean in order to survive and thrive.

By outsourcing your paint coatings and requirements to Carrs Coatings, we can help you maintain your competitive edge and profitability.

Carrs Coatings operation is solely dedicated to the provision of toll manufacturing and support services and is centrally located to expedite shipping in the UK and abroad.